About saxophones, reeds and mouthpieces.

It is a very long subject to resume in just a few words, but let`s put it like this: there is no sax as the Selmer Mark VI.

My alto sax is a Mark VI 1967. It is the best sax I have ever had. I have owned more that 12 saxophones in my life, Mark VI tenor, Yamaha YAS 62, YAS 25, YTS 25, Selmer Balanced action 1937, and many more, but it is impossible to compare them to what I have now.
Starting from the perfect weight it has, and the feeling of playing it. The sound is like silk. I am truly in love with him.

Mouthpieces: I love mouthpieces, I actually collect them, I own a few Brilhart, Selmer soloists (vintage), Bari, Otto Link, and Mayer. But I play with my favorite one. A custom made Lebayle, made by Fred Lebayle exclusively for me. I went to Brooklin a few years ago with my wife, and we went to visit Fred to his atelier. He was waiting for me, and we spend the day together, we had a few drinks (from the morning) and he made my mouthpiece. I will never forget that day.

I use Bari synthetic reeds since more than 10 years. I dont use Bari only for practical reasons, They have the sound I like the most. I love them

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