About “El Camino”.

El Camino, as you might know means “the way”. As everything that happen in life, becomes a mark on your journey.
These series of songs have been produced and recorded during 2016, between Mallorca and Zurich.
The first track “El camino”, is one of my favorites, I love the beat and the soprano saxophone, it has a very cinematic mood, and I always imagine this song as a soundtrack of a moto trip in the desert.
The second track, “Sky Voltage” features Sheela Gathright, her voice and her personality is just incredible. She is one of a kind, and working with her was very beautiful. I have written the lyrics myself, the message of this song, is about all those dreamers that have died in the last 150 years only for fighting against unjustice. It is incredible to me that most of the most amazing people in the world, have been killed by governements in order to make their ideas disappear, unfortunately for them, their idea will never be forgotten.
The third track of the EP is called “The Believer”. This is a song that I wrote on a very rainy day, and it was intended to be a song for my upcoming album “Sound of Freedom”, I have tried to play some sax on top of it, and I really loved it. Therefore after the first take, the song was done.
The fourth track is called “The great mirror” and is another hypnotic- cinematic track. I love to make songs that reflect big space, when I hear this song, I feel like in a big room, and the sound is like a white canvas that allow to focus on whatever I am doing. The voice on the track is from my wife Natalija”
The last track of the EP is called “Tree of Life”. This song is more pop and deep, it sound a bit more romantic than the rest of the tracks, but I think that the sax is honest, and it express a beautiful melody.

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